Referee Site User Guide

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Web Site User Guide for Referees

Click the document image above to access a PDF copy of the BAYS Web Site User Guide for Referees.

Step 1: Register

Click on the Referee Registration button on the left sidebar. Read through the instructions on the Referee Registration page. Complete the three fields (First Name, Last Name, Email) and click on the Submit button. Once submitted, you will see a new page advising you that you are now registered as a referee with BAYS. You will receive an email with your BAYS Username and Password.

Step 2: Login & Enter Profile

Once you receive your BAYS Username and Password, return to and click the Unified Login button on the left sidebar. Read through the instructions and then login using your assigned Username and Password. You will be directed to the Web site Welcome and Administration page. This page contains important updates and status information. Be sure to review it every time you enter the site. Click the My Profile button under the About Me header on the left sidebar. Complete the applicable information. (NOTE: You will not be asked for your Social Security number. Should you work enough games to have earned more than $600, the BAYS Accountant will contact you and request your number before she pays you.) Click on the Update Profile button to submit your profile. Use the buttons on the left sidebar to navigate around the site.

Step 3: Apply to Towns

After your personal information is complete, click on the Apply to Towns button under the Referee header. This is a list of all BAYS towns and clubs. Please limit your selection to six towns/clubs and only apply to towns for games that you can reasonably reach in a timely fashion. After you click on the Submit button at the bottom of the page, the referee assignor for each town/club you selected will receive notification that you are interested in refereeing games for them.

Step 4: Accept/Reject Games

Once the assigners have their schedules, they will select referees from their list of applicants for their town. If you are selected, you will immediately receive an email offering a specific game. Use the Game Accept/Reject button to respond within 24 hours of receiving the email notification. If you do not respond within 24 hours, a second email will be sent. If you have not responded within 48 hours of receiving the first email requesting you to accept or reject the game, an email will be sent to the assignor recommending that they assign someone else to that game.

Step 5: Referee

  1. Arrive on time.
  2. Inspect the field.
  3. Collect rosters from both teams.
  4. Collect player pass cards from MTOC and High School age teams.
  5. Collect pass cards from the coaches at all level games.
  6. Inspect the teams.
  7. Referee the match. After each match return the pass cards (unless one or more needs to be kept due to misconduct). You do not need to have the home coach sign anything.

Step 6: Report

As soon as you can access a computer after the game, login to the Web site and click on the Game Report button. Click the Create Game Report button next to the applicable game. Game Reporting Reminders: Your score will be the official score for the match so make sure that you have kept notes of scoring, misconduct, and anything else that will need to be reported while at the field. Your report will enter the scores and create reports for the field administrator, assignor, and BAYS Accountant for payment. You do not need to mail anything in. Keep the rosters in case they are needed should a dispute or administrative issue arise. After completing the report click the Submit button at the bottom of the page.