2013 BAYS MTOC Results

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BU-18 Champions Newton Kickers & Worcester (runner-up)

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MTOC 2013






GU-19-1 A1 Bellingham Blizzard Chip Maurer Semi-Finalist
GU-18-1 A1 Milford-Hopedale Magic Ron Dias 3rd Place Group C
GU-18-1-WC A2 Arlington Amazons Steve Taylor 3rd Place Group B
GU-16-1 A Wellesley Raiders Dan Rubin Semi-Finalist
GU-16-2 A Jamaica Plain Cheetahs Ben Madden Semi-Finalist
GU-14-1 A Natick Don Griffin 2nd place Group C
GU-14-2 C Marlboro Panthers Thomas Moore Champion
GU-12-1 A2 Medway Sparks John Aviza 3rd Place Group A
GU-12-2 2B Natick United Marcus Janus Finalist, Sportsmanship
BU-19-1 A Dorchester Lions Emmanuel Dikibo 3rd place Group B
BU-19-1-WC A Medfield United
Greg Sandomirsky
3rd place Group A
BU-18-1 A Newton Kickers Ruston Lodi Champion
BU-16-1 A Dedham Destroyers George Cariofiles Finalist, Sportsmanship
BU-16-1-WC A Dorchester Lions Emmanuel Dikibo Semi-Finalist
BU-16-2 A Natick Gary Pease Finalist
BU-14-1 A1 Lexington United Royals Tim Carruthers 3rd Place Group A
BU-14-2 B Brookline Ajax Paul Pasquariello 2nd Place Tie Group A
BU-12-1 A Dorchester Force Phil Keane Champion
BU-12-2 A Wellesley Revolution Tony Dinovi Champion




In Team Column



  Champion - overall winner of Age Group
  Finalist - Lost in the Finals - came in Second
  Semi-Finalist - made it to Final Four but lost in Semi-Final
  Did not make it to Final Four


In Coach Column


  Awarded the Sportsmanship Award for the Age Group



Congratulations to all our MTOC representatives as well as all our teams that participated this season.


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