Grade 8 Div 1 & 2 Roster Limit Increase

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The current rulebook lists 18 as the maximum roster size for Grade 8 Division 1 and 2 for both the Fall and Spring Seasons.  This was based on the MTOC rule of 18 maximum.  After the BAYS Rulebook was published, the Leagues Committee (which sets the rules for MTOC) made a change to align the rules for Grade 8 with Grade 10 and 12.  

Grade 8 teams now may carry a roster of up to 22 at MTOC with 18 players eligible for each game.

BAYS intends to adopt the new rule at the October AGM.  For this Fall, waivers will still be required for players 19-22 will be automatically granted by the Competition Committee.  Waivers for players in excess of 22 will be reviewed and voted on by the Competition Committee.