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This page contains information on team rosters, passcards for players and coaches, and related requirements. These registration procedures and requirements have been adopted by Mass Youth Soccer and BAYS to ensure fair and equitable competition. Violation of these rules, even if inadvertent, could result in forfeits, loss of eligibility for trophies and post-season play, and/or other sanctions by the league. Each town is expected to appoint a town registrar to ensure that all requirements have been observed, and to serve as a check on the occasional over-zealous coach who would bend the rules to seek a competitive advantage.

We have also prepared a calendar showing an overview of the annual registration cycle, to assist town registrars in planning their activities.

Questions relating to rosters and passcards should be directed to the BAYS League Registrar at Questions relating to team registration and division and section placements should be directed to Questions relating to Mass Youth Soccer forms and requirements should be directed to the Mass Youth Soccer office at (800) 852-8111.

What's new for Spring 2007

PASSCARD VALIDATION STICKERS - Player passcards do NOT require validation stickers. Coach passcards still require validation stickers. This was approved by the BAYS BOD in the Fall of 2006 and unfortunately the printed guidebook was not updated.

PASSCARDS – The pilot test of the new experimental passcard format has ended. All clubs should resume using the preprinted US Youth Soccer passcard forms. Please note that clubs can now obtain passcard forms directly from Mass Youth Soccer. We will no longer be distributing them through BAYS.

AGE WAIVERS – The age waiver provision has been amended to allow u15-age players who are in 8th grade to play on u14 division 1 or division 2 teams in the fall season only.

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Roster size limits

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Team registration

It is the responsibility of each town registrar to ensure that the following requirements are met:

  • The organization and all of its players, coaches, and administrators are registered with Mass Youth Soccer.
  • Each rostered player meets the requirements regarding age, residency, and dual rostering.
  • The number of players on the roster does not exceed the allowable limits.
  • Game rosters are properly filed with the league.
  • All coaches have passcards, and players have passcards if required.
  • The organization has obtained liability release forms for players.
  • All Adult members (coaches Volunteers and administrators) have submitted CORI information to MYSA

Failure to properly follow any of these requirements could result in forfeits, fines, or other sanctions imposed by BAYS and/or Mass Youth Soccer. Even if the league has validated or accepted a roster, the town is still responsible for any registration violations which may subsequently be discovered.

Age requirements Age eligibility is based on the player's age as of the previous July 31. For example, for a player to be eligible for the under 12 (U-12) age group in the spring 2011 season, she must have been under the age of 12 (i.e., not yet turned 12) as of July 31, 2010 (born after July 31, 1998).  If she turned 12 on or after August 1, 2010 , she is eligible. Town registrars are expected to maintain proof of age on file for all players (a photocopy of a birth certificate, passport, naturalization certificate, alien registration card, or similar form), and must be prepared to produce such documentation if requested by the league. Age requirements can be waived by the Competition Committee (a) when needed to comply with the federal Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) or (b) to allow a player to play with his/her grade appropriate peers. Grade-appropriate waivers must be requested through the local club and may only be requested for u14 and younger and for division 3 and below. (In the fall season only, grade-appropriate waivers will also be allowed for u14 divisions 1 and 2.) The corresponding grade levels for each age group are: U-14 - grade 8; U-13 - grade 7; U-12 - grade 6; U-11 – grade 5; U-10 - grade 4 & U-9 - grade 3.

Assistant registrars Assistant league registrars are responsible for validating printed rosters for MTOC-eligible teams. The town registrar should contact the assistant league registrar assigned to your town to make the appropriate arrangements. All contact with assistant league registrars must be through the town registrar. Assistant league registrars will NOT accept materials from individual coaches. For validation of electronic rosters, see the supplemental information on the eRoster program.

List of assistant registrars

Coaching passcards Each team must have at least one adult with a current passcard present at all times during each game. Referees have been instructed not to allow games to proceed in violation of this rule. See Passcards for information on processing and use. Validation of a coach's passcard by a town registrar indicates that the coach has been registered with Mass Youth Soccer and has been judged qualified for this responsibility by the local club.

Dual rostering Dual rostering refers to a player playing for more than one team in sanctioned, non-scholastic youth soccer competition. For older than U-14 players, dual rostering is not permitted. For u14 and younger players, a player may play on a BAYS team and a team in another league (such as MAPLe or MASC) that is not a league playing for MTOC in the same season. A player may not play on more than one BAYS team, even if in different age groups. (Note that dual rostering eligibility is based on the player's age, not the age group of the team.)

Indoor play BAYS does not sponsor any indoor soccer competition during the winter. Rostering and passcard requirements are set by each individual indoor program or league. If roster or passcard validation is needed, contact the Mass Youth Soccer office. BAYS assistant registrars cannot validate rosters or passcards for indoor play.

International clearance Players born outside the United State may require approval from Mass Youth Soccer and/or US Soccer before they can be rostered. US-born players who play for clubs in other countries may also require international clearances. Click here for detailed requirements. Please note that the time required to obtain such approvals, particularly from US Soccer, can be very lengthy.

Liability release forms Towns must have a liability release form for each player, signed by a parent or guardian. Towns can either use the standard Mass Youth Soccer form, which includes both a liability release and a parental consent for emergency medical treatment, or use their own form which includes the same language.

MTOC-eligible teams MTOC is the Massachusetts Tournament of Champions, a state-wide tournament held annually in late June with representatives from the 10 town team leagues in the state. MTOC competition is generally for divisions 1 and 2 in the U-12, U-14, U-16 and division 1 for U-18 and U-19. BAYS holds post-season playoffs in mid-June to determine which teams will represent BAYS at MTOC. Teams playing in these divisions during the spring season are considered MTOC-eligible and must comply with certain additional requirements. MTOC eligibility rules do not apply during the fall season.

Mass Youth Soccer affiliation Each organization, and each individual player, coach, and administrator, must be registered each year with Mass Youth Soccer, the state youth soccer association. The necessary forms and instructions are mailed to each town by Mass Youth Soccer each summer. The organizational affiliation forms, information on each player and adult (in electronic format), and the current registration fees must be submitted to Mass Youth Soccer prior to the start of the fall season. Supplemental submissions should be made at the end of the fall season, and at the beginning and end of the spring season, to reflect any players and adults added since the last submission. Referees must be included in this registration only if they are not certified and registered through the State Referee Committee. Be sure Mass Youth Soccer has the name and address of your current town president and registrar, so that you will receive all current mailings from them.

Passcard procedures Blank forms are available from Mass Youth Soccer. BAYS validation stickers are distributed at the pre-season book distribution meetings and at the February placement meeting. See instructions for filling out the passcard form. It is the responsibility of the town registrar to ensure that the photograph belongs to the person named on the card; that the birthdate (for players) has been verified; and that the player or coach has been properly registered with Mass Youth Soccer. Passcards must be laminated. Passcards are presented to the referee at the start of each game, and returned at the conclusion of the game. If a player or coach receives a red card during the game, the referee sends their passcard to the Ejections Secretary. After the period of suspension as provided in the by-laws or by vote of the Sportsmanship Review Committee, the town should request the return of the passcard from the Ejections Secretary. Town registrars may issue replacement passcards if a card is lost or misplaced, but may not under any circumstances issue a replacement card for a player or coach serving a suspension.

Player passcards No player passcards are required in the fall season. Passcards are required in the spring season for all u18 and u19 players, and for all players in MTOC-eligible divisions. See Passcards for information on processing and use.

Residency requirements In general, players on town teams must live in the town for which they are playing. This requirement can be waived by the BAYS competition committee under certain circumstances, which are described in the BAYS by-laws. Waiver requests are submitted to If approved, the league will provide a waiver number which must appear on the roster. When submitting waiver requests, allow adequate time for processing before the roster submission deadline. All out-of-town players must get new waivers for the fall season. Waiver numbers assigned for the fall may be used the following spring if the reasons for the waiver have not changed. For players who want to play for a town in a different town league (such as a player living in Concord , which plays in MAYS, wanting to play for a BAYS team), the waiver request must be approved by both club presidents and by both league presidents. Click here for more detailed information on waivers. Also note that MTOC-eligible teams require Leagues Committee approval to roster more than three out-of-league players.

Roster size limits For MTOC-eligible teams, the roster limit is 18 for 11v11 teams and 15 for 8v8 teams. Waivers will be granted by the competition committee if the request is submitted prior to March 1, and if the town has no other teams in that age group where the extra players could be placed. (The committee can waive the March 1 deadline for u16 and older teams.) If a roster size limit waiver is granted, the team will lose its MTOC eligibility, but must still comply with the player passcard and roster submission requirements. For non-MTOC-eligible 11v11 teams, the roster limit is 22 unless you receive a waiver from the competition committee. There is no roster limit for non-MTOC-eligible 6v6 and 8v8 teams. If a waiver is approved to exceed the roster limits, waiver numbers will be assigned to the extra players and must be shown on the roster form.

Rosters -- forms The official BAYS team roster form can be downloaded from this site in the formats listed below. Towns may use their own computer-generated forms if they include all of the information shown on the official form, in substantially the same format. Additional requirements apply to rosters submitted electronically.

Adobe Acrobat (this file can be printed on any machine with Acrobat Reader software, but can not be filled in by computer.)

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Word

Click here for complete instructions on preparing the roster form and click here for supplemental instructions for electronic rosters.

Rosters -- submission to division directors Every team's roster must be submitted to the appropriate BAYS division director prior to the start of the season. The easiest way to do this is to bring one completed copy of each roster to the pre-season book distribution meeting. Otherwise you will need to mail each roster to the appropriate division director (whose names and addresses are in the schedule book). If any players are added or dropped after the initial filing, a revised roster must also be sent to the appropriate division director before it can be used in a game. For non-MTOC-eligible teams, roster changes can be made at any time during the season. See the special instructions for roster changes for MTOC-eligible teams.

Rosters -- game day Coaches must bring two copies of their current roster to each game -- one for the referee, and one for the opposing coach. The game day roster must include the correct shirt numbers for all players, plus the coach's signature. Players who will not be participating should be crossed out. For MTOC-eligible teams, the game day roster must include the MTOC validation from the assistant league registrar.

Rosters -- MTOC validation Rosters for MTOC-eligible teams must be stamped and signed by an assistant league registrar or the league registrar before they can be filed with the division director and used in games. Submit two copies for validation. One will be returned to you, which you can then copy for filing with the division director and for game-day use. The other will be retained by the league registrar for filing with Mass Youth Soccer. When submitting MTOC rosters for validation, please allow adequate time for processing. See the special instructions for roster changes for MTOC-eligible teams.

Team registrations Instructions for registering teams for the following season will be mailed to the designated contact in each town in December (for the spring season) and in June (for the fall season). Team registration information must be submitted electronically. All questions regarding team registrations, placements, team entry fees, and schedules should be e-mailed to Dick Fischman at